Walking The Talk

So, you or your colleagues have been on a project management ‘event’. Maybe it has been the 2 day Perfect Project event. Or, maybe it was the ½ day sponsor training or the benefits realisation workshop.

Whatever the event, will people change their behaviour? Will they action their action plans? Will they stop doing the things that do not contribute to project success?

Walking the Talk is a process that will help reinforce project management after an event has taken place. It has a number of features which can be mixed and matched i.e. you can chose several of them or simply one.

  • coaching – this is one to one coaching to achieve a specific objective e.g. support a project manager in a particular part of the project management process
  • review sessions – these can take two forms:
    1. a Project Agency Consultant visiting each person who has been on a course alongside their manager/sponsor and looking at the progress of a person’s action plan. This approach can act as a chasing process (the action plan) alongside reinforcing some of the key messages from the training
    2. a group session where participants return as a group and look at the impact of the course on their projects with the specific issue of problem identification and solving. This is an action learning set process
  • working with a project team. This can be a small team of one through to a large project team. Our objective will be to support them in the delivery of their project however like all projects; our intervention will be governed by a tight scope!
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