E-course: Project Planning

Planning how to deliver your project


Who the module is aimed at:

  • project managers who need to develop effective project plans for their projects
  • project sponsors who need to clarify how robust and deliverable project plans are
  • project team members who need to develop and understand the overall project plan
  • anyone who wishes to extend their project management knowledge and skills




  • introducing a 5 stage project planning process
  • the importance of work and product breakdown structures and how to prepare one
  • identifying and using project management dependencies
  • estimating – having realistic estimates (cost and time) avoiding ‘OPB’
  • developing range of charts that support project delivery including Gantt and milestone charts
  • delivering your project against the plan –(including taking account of risks, stakeholders, the PID etc.)
  • project planning activity

This course will help you plan your projects.

It includes:

  • a practical & easy to use system for planning projects
  • how to break your project down into its component parts
  • the importance of predecessor relationships
  • how to estimate effectively
  • developing a range of project planning tools such as Gantt & milestone charts

Delivering your plan is key to project success, making this a must do course.

Cost: £25 (+VAT)

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