E-course: Setting Objectives

Why you need a PID (Project Implementation Document)


Who the module is aimed at:

  • project managers or anyone else who needs to develop clear objectives for their project
  • project teams who need to have a standard document for project implementation
  • anyone who wishes to extend their project management and skills


  • Project objectives – where they fit into the 5 stage project management process
  • Why having project objectives is so important
  • Having a common document – a PID
  • Using the PID to monitor progress
  • Some Project Agency statistics
  • Hints and tips
  • Activity – developing some objectives for a case study

This course will look at:

  • what a written objective should look like
  • the importance of setting objectives for your project
  • introducing you to a document – PID – that will help ensure you use a consistent approach to setting objectives
  • some research that points to ill defined objectives
  • some activities to help you develop your skills in setting project


Cost: £20 +VAT

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