On Line Video Training

Project Agency is Proud to Offer Online Video-based Project Management Training

These On Line Video Training Programmes are designed and delivered by long-standing Project Agency Associate, Dr Mike Clayton.

Mike has designed his video training to mirror the way he has delivered his core project management training to over a thousand new project managers at Project Agency training courses.

Mike has designed three practical training programmes for you. Each is designed to meet a different level of need for core project management training


Are you a manager or professional who wants to feel confident on a small to mid -size project?

Then you need the Project Manager’s Fast Start Program

You can purchase the Project Manager’s Fast Start Program:


I’m always a bit skeptical about online courses. I am really enjoying the pace and the content. Each section is easy to grasp, take notes and reflect on. Also, I enjoy the fact that I’m learning from your wealth of experience and not someone regurgitating the PMBOK. I appreciate your passion of the craft.    Richard N, Project Manager


Are you serious about succeeding in your first significant project, and see project management as a vital part of your job?

Then you need the Project Manager’s Skills Mastery Program:

You can purchase the Project Manager’s Skills Mastery Program:


Are you committed to making your next project the successful foundation of a long term project management career?

Then you need the Project Manager’s Immersion Program

You can purchase the Project Manager’s Immersion Program:

Then you need the Project Manager’s Fast Start Program

So, the question is: ‘How deep do you want to go?’

Take a look at the three programmes and compare them here:


Each On Line Video Programme has support built into it


All video courses come with:

      • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resources
      • Guide to the course
      • Downloadable audio podcast versions of all video lectures
      • Workbook and downloadable worksheets
      • Tools and templates that you can download and adapt to your needs
      • Online Q&A with your trainer, Dr Mike Clayton
      • Full project management glossary
      • Bonus articles, and a completion certificate


And, if you are not completely satisfied with your course, you can claim your full purchase price back, within 30 days of purchase

Do you have a team that needs to perform better in managing projects?


You are losing money because your projects constantly run over budget.

And your customers get frustrated because of poor communication, unnecessary glitches, and late delivery on your commitments.

As a result, you are losing good will…and maybe your customer(s)

It’s Time to Get Project Management Training for your Team​

But there’s a problem:

Maybe you don’t have a large enough team to justify the cost of bringing in a trainer to your business…

Or maybe you can’t afford to have your whole team away from their work at the same time…

But there is no external open course available when you need it…

Or, if there is, the prices are eye-watering…

And that’s without the travel, subsistence, and accommodation!


We can arrange attractive volume licensing of Project Management courses for our business clients

  • Low costs and attractive volume licenses.
  • Team members can work at their own pace, and between other commitments.
  • Course materials constantly available, wherever and whenever your people need them.
  • No additional costs.
  • Plus: tools and templates your teams can download and adapt to your business.
  • And: on-boarding program tailored to your business.
  • And: on-demand, ask-me-anything Q&A facility with the trainer.

Contact me on or on our contact form.  Our aim is to meet your needs and we will do this as best we can. So, do get in touch with your needs and issues.



You have skilfully used analogies and mental pictures together with clear illustrations to explain tough managements concepts. I should congratulate you for the great effort you put to produce the quality course which I think is second to none.  Sharief Ibrahim, Physician and Entrepreneur

Dr Mike Clayton, a long time partner with Project Agency

Sample videos

I know some of you will want to sample an some on line learning before you purchase.  That’s fine. I have listed below a few sample videos for you to access. Please feel free to take a look at them and do provide us with some feedback:  or on our contact form


Very user friendly, accessible, and understandable in a way that some of the other PM education I have engaged in has not been. Less “jargony” and more practical. It’s given me new perspectives/understanding of familiar topic areas; information I can share in new ways with others I am training in PM skills. I’d recommend this course to anyone interested in learning PM skills whether they aspire to getting the PMP certification or not. Karen Kinsman, Dir/Snr Program Manager

Want more information then contact me on or through our contact form