How’s your driving?

I was driving quite a bit that day and that’s probably why I made the discovery. I thought my driving was OK, but if you read on, it was not quite as effective as I thought.

Smooth driving.......

The symptoms: As I was driving I realised that my foot operation of the accelerator was not as smooth as it should be. My foot was on and off the accelerator erratically and I also noticed how heavily I applied the accelerator

The result: only 27 miles per gallon! Awful…I must admit I was shocked, I had not even tried to press the button that told me the mpg! (I do live in a busy urban area of London)

The solution: I changed my driving technique and applied less pressure to the accelerator. I also improved my braking technique

New result: 35 miles per gallon – a 30% improvement

Now let me invite you to look at the way you deliver projects. Are you really as effective as you think you are? Are your senior managers happy with your performance, especially the project sponsor?

By reading an article on stakeholder management or project planning maybe you will get some insights. How about some one to one coaching – or maybe attending a project management course as a refresher?

No matter who you are: a project manager, a project sponsor, a project team member or a member of a project board are you checking and upping your game, improving your project management performance?