Public Speaking

Ron Rosenhead, Director of Project Agency is a member of the Professional Speakers Association.

To book Ron Rosenhead to speak at one of your conferences or meetings call on 020 8446 7766 or get in touch here.

Ron has been speaking in a professional capacity for many years. This complements his work as a Consultant, Trainer and Coach. Ron believes he has trained many thousands of people on project management training courses and delivered engaging public speaking engagements to many hundreds of people. To book him contact us here or call on 020 8446 7766.

Topics include:

  • Project Sponsorship – Bridging the Gap
  • Why project management is plain common sense!
  • Really identifying and using learning in company projects
  • Engaging and managing stakeholders for project success
  • Why it is essential to deliver on time every time to clients satisfaction
  • Project management training – don’t forget the people

To book Ron call us on 020 8446 7766 or email

Ron has been speaking for many years to many different audiences and can create a speech to suit your specific needs. It can be to support an initiative you are trying to deliver; part of a training event – he once spoke at a large project management training event to support the drive to improve project management. Look what people have said:

Making project management interesting to CEO’s and directors plus getting project buy in can be a tough call. In Ron Rosenhead’s Showcase at PSA London, Ron took us deftly through his secrets in a to the second measured presentation. Ron covered the business failure facts on expensive project outcomes if there is no Board buy in, getting his message across refreshingly avoiding the usual doom and gloom usually associated with such tactics. Ron showed in an engaging way how board attendance and support for a project, and attendance with their teams at training and review sessions bring home the results.

A great piece of learning was brilliantly simple way of ensuring directors will willingly buy in. I’m quite convinced if Ron Rosenhead had been in charge of Wembley Stadium we’d have it by now. Get Ron in to see your business soon, and find out how he will help you deliver your next project.
Chris Clark, Clark Marketing

It highlighted the critical aspects of my work and how to overcome problems.
Alicia Kamagira, Glanville Consultants

Excellent summary of key project management issues in limited time available. Good relaxed presentation style too.
Martin, Intellectual Assets Centre

On the one hand it emphasised the elements of project planning and management that we were doing well, and gave pointers to help us address the things we’re not doing so well.
Kenny McAlpine


Thanks @ronrosenhead @bcs for a v thought-provoking event, the grp-work was good and I’ll look-up your helpful references to other articles. Adrian Turner

It was brill!
Teri Bodell, National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists

Ron has spoken at many events including:

  • British Computer Society – PromsG
  • City Trainer’s Forum
  • PromsG
  • Colchester Borough Council
  • Leisure Industry Week
  • Fit Pro
  • 3CPD
  • Abertay University
  • Hertfordshire Institute of Directors
  • Business Performance & Project Management Summit

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