The Perfect Project

There is a need for internal staff to be effective in the delivery of projects.

This course has been attended by over 14,000 people in the UK and Europe and supports project delivery with a practical, well tried and tested approach.

Why choose this course?

Professionals in all companies are engaged in a variety of projects; from change management projects to ensuring service provision matches pace with customer expectations to meeting legislative requirements.

This course will take you through a simple, well tried and well tested project management approach to ensure successful delivery of your projects time and time again.

The many obstacles to success will be discussed and there will be opportunities to try out some new approaches using practical approaches.

Aim: To further develop Project Management Skills


At the end of the training you will be able to:

  • use a standardised framework for defining, planning and controlling projects
  • recognise the role(s) you play and define other people’s contribution to project management process
  • recognise and reduce risks within all types of project work
  • use a range of tools with wide application

Who is this course for?

  • professional staff who find themselves involved in a project and need some training
  • project professionals who need a reminder or update
  • anyone moving into a project management role
  • project managers who need to receive some practical training
  • staff who are engaged in project work from simple to complex
  • anyone managing or involved in projects regardless of their professional background or industry they operate within.

Course content

  • Using a 5 stage project management framework
  • Developing a Business Case for a project
  • Defining your project through completing a PID including scoping
  • Identifying project roles and assigning responsibilities
  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Producing measurable success criteria
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • Understanding what is driving the project; quality, cost, or time
  • Communications planning
  • Using a robust project planning process
    • Developing a work breakdown structure
    • Using predecessor or dependency relationships
    • Milestone reporting
    • Developing realistic estimates – time and cost
    • Producing and using effectively Gantt charts
  • Agreeing a robust project control system
  • Dealing with variations
  • Project closure and review of learning – passing this learning onto others


We work on a case study throughout the 2 days for example developing a project definition for the project alongside, producing a risk log and a project review process. There are around 14 activities individuals and groups go through to develop their knowledge and their skills.

Each person receives a course handbook and links to free downloads.

For a PDF of the course with objectives and further details click here.

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