Project Management Strategy

Project Management StrategyRunning project management training courses is one way of developing skills and knowledge of your staff.

However, to really move the organisation forward, the project management training needs to be combined with a more rigorous approaches which focuses on the overall project management strategy for the company.

We list below some of the options for you.

Developing your own project management system (PMS):

This means having your own house style – a way of delivering projects in your company ensuring it fits with your decision making processes and governance arrangements (the fit with the “rules” of the organisation). What are the benefits of having your own PMS?

  • providing guidance for staff at all levels of the organization on how to manage and deliver projects
  • greater project success – research from KPMG shows that those organisations that keep to the rules have a higher project success rate
  • providing a common language for all staff to use and common forms across projects
  • providing clarity in critical areas such as:
    • project roles (particularly with partnering organizations)
    • having robust reporting processes
    • ensuring there is an effective project plan
  • ensuring risks are identified and clearly acted upon
  • better estimating and assessment of project resources
  • providing tools with wide application – across projects as well as with business as usual activities

Project Management StrategyProject Agency has a unique Template approach to developing a PMS which involves consultation with key stakeholders. Once this has been developed you will need to publish it as well as:

  • identifying the key people running corporate projects
  • running a series of project management training events for them
  • keeping a record of all people who attend project management training events
  • keeping a project register which lists all of the key projects and the priority they hold in the organization
  • creating a project office
  • running internal workshops to supplement the project management train e.g. risk workshops, stakeholder management workshops, estimating workshops
  • regularly reviewing that the PMS is meeting needs including the project management training is well attended, project priorities are being adhered to and you are moving forward as an organization.

Each organisation will need to develop its own PMS and supporting infrastructure project office, project management training etc. Contact us or call 020 8446 7766. Project Agency can support you in developing your approach.

Ensuring your senior managers are on board:

Project Management StrategyResearch shows that when senior managers own key projects ,actively sponsor, review and champion projects then they have a better chance of success. So what does that mean in terms of the services we offer to our clients? It means we:

  • run briefing sessions for senior managers – project/programme boards ensuring they are clear of the role they need to play
  • work one to one with senior managers ensuring they are clear about the key role they play in projects
  • observe project board meetings providing feedback as appropriate
  • run sessions for project sponsors
  • work with senior managers to develop a practical project management structure for your project – a structure that adds value to the decision making process and delivery of the project

Want to know more then call us on 020 8446 7766 or contact us here.

Providing you with benchmarked data:

Do you have data to show how people in the business perceive project management?

Project Agency has developed a unique copyrighted benchmarking tool that provides you with a picture of how a target group view project management. These same people complete a simple questionnaire at agreed intervals after the initial study and you are able to check on the progress of project management within the company.

Call us on 020 8446 7766 or contact us here and tell us about your needs.

Project management workshops:

These come in many shapes, have many titles and are run for a variety of groups. Sometimes a workshop is needed to identify real project management issues or to discuss an aspect of a project that is not going well.

Whatever the situation, we work with you and the group (or groups) to identify outcomes from any workshops designing participative and practical workshops.These workshops can be half a day to 3 or 4 days – it all depends upon the needs of the group.

Call us on 020 8446 7766 or contact us here and tell us about your needs.

Reviewing your project management approach:

Project Management StrategyMaybe you have your own PMS and you have trained a good number of people. However, what you may need to do is hold a review of where project management is in the organisation:

  • does your PMS need to be strengthened or amended in any way?
  • checking senior managers and all players in projects are playing their role(s) effectively
  • reviewing end of project reports to ensure lessons learnt are being put into place

These and more reviews can be run for your organisation. Why not call us on 020 8446 7766 or contact us here and tell us about your needs

Project offices:

Many organisations are benefiting by setting up a project office. We can work with you to establish a project office, train the staff involved and help develop a communications strategy to really help you.

NOTE: the project office is NOT a well staffed office it is staffed usually by those people who are already involved in trying to create a strong project management ethos for the business. We know of several project offices staffed by a couple of people who also carry out other day to day activities.

Auditing a Project:

Project Management StrategySometimes, there is a need to take a step back and review a project. We will work with the project team to:

  • review all of the paperwork
  • meet key stakeholders including the project manager and some team members and the project sponsor
  • hold a review meeting or series of review meetings
  • produce a report on our findings along with any recommendations

We can support you post report to ensure that any actions plans (projects!) are actually implemented whether itârunning project management training events, working one to one with a project manager, working with senior managers Project Agency can support you. Please contact us on 020 8446 7766 or contact us here.

Developing Programme Management Strategies:

Many organisations are now looking to group their projects into programme. They are also looking to go beyond the traditional project management route and are looking for PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT strategies to deliver success.

Project Agency can support you in the desire to deliver you programme effectively. Please call 020 8446 776 or contact us here.

You may require something more specific for your project management strategy. Why not call us on 020 8446 7766 or email .