Project Sponsor Training

“We believe improvement in the skills of the executive sponsor is the single most important factor that will increase project success. Sixty-six percent of executive sponsors do a poor job and shirk their responsibilities. However, it is not their fault, because no one has educated them about their roles and responsibilities.”
(The Standish Group in their 2012 CHAOS Report.)

This research is well supported by Strategies for Project Sponsorship (by James, Rosenhead & Taylor published by Management Concepts, 2013) and points to the sponsor being a key person in project management.

Project sponsor training sets out to give project sponsors the relevant skills about their role and responsibilities. The programme can be half a day or a full day and can link into your own approach to project management within your company.

Why choose this course?

Research points to the sponsor having a critical role in project success, but the sponsor’s role has remained one that has had little or no attention. This one day course aims to rectify this.

We will explain what the role is and why it is so important to project management. We will also look at some research produced in this important area.

We aim to ensure that when you leave this event you will fully recognise the important role the sponsor plays in project management.


At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • explain the role you play in the delivery of key company projects
  • recognise the impact effective sponsorship and project management can have on the corporate and departmental agenda
  • state the 5 key project management principles that will affect all projects ensuring these principles are met
  • coach and sell the concept of sponsorship to their fellow sponsors as well as project management to others in the business

Who is this course for?

  • current project sponsors who want to explore their role in more depth
  • people who will soon be project sponsors or who want to be a project sponsor
  • project support staff who want to promote sponsorship internally

Course Content

  • The BIG stats: Some of the latest statistics on project sponsorship & the implications
  • What is project sponsorship? A check sheet of 17 key criteria a project sponsor needs to know and do
  • Getting to “done” and your role. Explaining the 5 key principles of project management and your role in ensuring they are delivered
  • What is your role in projects? An examination of what a project sponsor does and what your role is if you sit on a Project Board
  • Project success or project failure and the impact of senior managers. Some statistics that show if you don’t actively support projects they may well ‘fail’ to deliver
  • Sponsor skills. What active sponsorship entails and the skills you will need. The chance to identify any possible gaps
  • The Project Manifesto. Identifying what you can have in your company and identifying the gaps the gaps
  • Project management framework. Introducing you to a practical tool for managing projects. What is it and what it means for you and project managers?
  • Change management and learning. Two interlinked areas for successful delivery of projects
  • Project management templates. An introduction to some useful tools that support delivery
  • Next steps. So what will you do next? Individual and group action planning


The one day will be very practical and will include a mix of individual activities, group work, case studies and practical tools you can use back in the place of work.

Each person receives a course handbook and links to free downloads.

For a PDF of the course with objectives and further details click here.

Sponsor training is important to the success of project management in your business so why not call us on 020 8446 7766 to discuss your needs or email .