Strategies for Project Sponsorship

Over the last 6 months or so a range of reports have been published which point to the need for more effective project sponsorship. The reports can be summed up by Standish who have produced the Chaos Manifesto 2012, The Year of the Executive Sponsor

Sixty-six percent of executive sponsors do a poor job and shirk their responsibilities. However, it is not their fault, because no one has one has educated them about their role and responsibilities.

Research from  our recently published book Strategies for Project Sponsorship shows among many other things very poor levels of sponsorship training.

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It is interesting how much effort and emphasis has been put into the training of project managers but little on project sponsorship.

Companies spend many thousands of £ and $ training and developing project managers. They run communities of practice and specific development programmes for project managers, but little or nothing for their project sponsors.

One interesting point  from PMI Pulse of the Profession™ – The High Cost of Low Performance report was that with effective project sponsorship there is less risk to your overall project portfolio.

PMI Pulse of the Profession Report

So the message is clear:

  • continue to train and develop your project managers
  • train your project sponsors to be more effective in their role
  • have programmes of continuous development for both groups

Project managers cannot keep covering for the project sponsor; sponsors must take their responsibilities seriously.

So why not download the course details of our project sponsorship course .  We also have a course for project managers who often need some support in managing and working with their sponsor.

Does your company have a solid training plan for sponsors and for project managers? If not, maybe, just maybe, it’s time to have one.